Our next planned litter!

TJH (RH) Aussie Action's Red Quality Ace
Cefeus Rhea II


We are so grateful and HAPPY that Lena allows us to borrow Cefeus Rhea II for our next litter!
Rhea is the mother of our T-litter (sire Whyalla's Hugo) and we are very pleased with how they turned out mentally- lot of work willingness and power.
Rhea  competes in Higher Class Tracking and Obedience Class III, they are also competing in Rally Obedience Class II. In 2017 they will compete in Nosework, Rhea works great with her nose.
There is much power in this girl and she is so beautiful. We hope that she will give us another great litter together with Uno! 
Hips- A
Completed Mentalitytest 1 at shot (not gun-shy)

Sire to this litter will be Aussie Action's Red Quality Ace, Uno!
Uno is a wonderful male who recently become a certified Rescue Dog. 
He is a great working dog and he has a wonderful mentality, nothing scares this guy. A perfect Rescue Dog who is really handsome.
Click the link to read more about Uno.
Our Q-litter is a really great litter, all of them always choose work before everything else.
We really believe this will be a great combination for both workmentality and exterior.
Hips- B
Eyes clear
Heart clear
Completed Mentalitytest 2 at shot (not gun-shy)