Aussie Action's Red Quality Ace 13-02-05

TJH (RDH) LD STARTKLASS Aussie Action's Red
Quality Ace
HD B ED 0/0 (ua)
Eyes Clear
Heartutrasound clear
MH shots 2 (not gunshy)


Read more about his parents here.
Sire: KORAD LPII Cefeus Fang
Dame: Aussie Action's Olive

Uno is wonderful guy who is very social with people and is great with other dogs. He is very likeable for everyone who has met him.
Uno has a stabile mentality, nothing scares him and he is tested in really demanding situations because of his training to become a Rescue Dog. He takes on every challenge with a smile and his true reward is to search and find people.
In their education to be a Rescue Dog Uno and his owner Linda has to pass Entrance Exam, Part One, Part Two and do the Final Exam. Uno is now a certified Rescuedog!
They are also upgraded to Obedience Class 1.
Uno and Linda likes to do Tracking and Search at their spare time. Uno also likes to pull Linda in front of her skiis.
Uno has been on Shows with good Results:
Swedish Kelpie Show -13 EXC HP Best Male Puppy
Västerås National -14 EXC CK BOB
Västerås National -15 EXC CK BOS

Uno lives in Västerås, Sweden with Linda Johansson.
Email us at if you are interested in Uno and we will send your interest to his owner.