C. I. B Nord uch EE uch SE uch NO uch FI uch EstoniaW-10 NordJW-03 Tjh (FM) LP I Red-Alert´s Dewi

"MR Cattle Dog"

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SM 2008-2010 Patrol Championships

best plac 10: a Higher class tracking, search patrol Lydn class II H.I.T with the highest score.

Dewi was my first Cattle Dog and an incredible friend. A lovely dog who always was there for me, with plenty of willingness to work.

He was a very good patrol dog, we did five years together in the Civil Patrol where he did very good work. Worked up to 12 - 13 hours without slowing down. And you could always rely on his marks.

He was the best tracking dog I've ever had and it looks like he inherited it to his offspring.

Dewi managed to get three litters, one of Bushbugs kennel one of Okcoralls kennel in Norway, Working Mates kennel as "Junior" is coming from. The puppies have already shown great results.

Unfortunately, Dewi got cancer in October 2011 so we had to put him to sleep. Not a day goes by without me crying, I miss him so much.

 If you can have a soul mate in a dog, he was mine.

In the slideshow are pictures of Dewi and his puppies