Health & Mentality

We have all responsibility for the development of the breed Australian Kelpie, both as breeders as well as owners. For us it is very important that you as a new owner are prepared to do hip x-ray and mentalitytest (MH) when your kelpie is old enough. For every litter we are having MH in Matfors, it's really good for us to see our puppies developments and reactions. We like to see that you find another MH for your kelpie if you can't participate. 
At our Summercamp we offer you to go herding with your kelpie and take the H.I.T (Herding Instinct Test). A great test for us breeders to evaluate and use in our breeding and it is a fun experience for you!
We really appreciate that under the years, so many of you have visited us for mentalitytest and summercamps allthough many of you has a long way to travel. We also appreciate your dedication and that you all helps us in our breeding!

If you want to see more of our breeding in their everyday-life, join our group in facebook, Aussie Action's Kennel.

Christina Näslund
Tel: 070-75 75 311
We live in Matfors, 20 km from Sundsvall.

If you are you interested in our breeding you can send us a message here or send us an