Cefeus Rhea II <3 Whyalla's Hugo

Cefeus Rhea II


Whyalla's Hugo

We are mating this beautiful couple in june 2015!

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Cefeus Rhea II

Rhea is born in 2010 and is a happy, loving girl! She is very kind with other dogs, children and has a lot of work ability. Rhea is an excellent tracking dog
She competes in Higher Class Tracking, Class III Obedience and Rally Obedience.
Hips Grade A ED 0
MH, (mentalitytest) not gun-shy ( 1 at shots )
Rhea has for now one CAC in show.

Hugo, or Aussie as he is called is born in 2008. Aussie loves to work and is also a really kind guy and has a lot of charm and workability! He is very versatile.
Aussie is upgraded to Lower Class Tracking, Class III Obedience and he competes in Agility and Rally Obedience. He is also Swedish Blood Tracking Champion (Viltspårschampion) and Norwegian Show Champion.
4 Swedish CACIB
3 Norwegian CAC and 3 CACIB
MT, Korad (mentalitytest and exterior)  442 points.
MH, (mentalitytest) not gun-shy ( 1 at shots )
Hips Grade A ED 0

We are hoping for beautiful puppies with a great workmentality! Thank you Lena and Sophia for letting us use your wonderful dogs!