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Dame: aussie action's black Racy Raven
Sire: auskelp Ned kelly



Aussie Action's
Black Racy Raven
HD A ED ua (0)
MH: 2 at shots (not gun-shy)
Heart clear 2017-11-23

We really like our beautiful girl, she is very easy to handle among other dogs and people, she can adjust to any pack. Everyone who has met Racy thinks she's adorable and so, so sweet.
Her biggest access is her workmentality in Search, she is upgraded to Level 2 in Search with an impressive searchwork. The score was 10-10 from the judges.
She has made one start in Obedience with an approved result and she competes in
Level 3  Rallyobedience. She is approved for all three scents in Nose Work.
She is a member of Missing People as a Searchdog, she is an important access when someone is lost, wich is a very important duty. 
She has done well in Shows, she won the title Junior European Winner 2015 and Swedish Winner 2016.

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AU CH Auskelp Ned Kelly
HD: A/A                   
ED: UA (0)              
MH: 2 at shots (not gun-shy)
MT: Approved exterior (has not made the mentalitypart).

Ned has a great mentality and shows no fears and loves both dogs and people. Ned has been very successfull in shows and he is an Australian showchampion. He is upgraded to Elite search and tracking with very good results.
See Neds MH here. 
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