Parents of R-litter

Aussie Action's Oya

Korad SE UCH SE BCH LPI Cefeus Kim is now also Swedish Champion Searchdog also won Närkes District Champions in Search.


We mated our Oya with Cefeus Kim and they had the R-litter 140523.
We believe it will be an exciting combination of two social and working dogs!

Oya is very sociable, has great willingness to work and have an incredible mentality. Very nice with children and other dogs.

She is competing Level 4 Obedience with Anna-Lena. Oya is born 2010.

Oya is a good looking girl with nice angles and lines.

Hips grade A and ED ua (0) Not gun-shy!


Kim was born in 2007 and has managed to achieve a lot in his seven years! Swedish utility, search and track champion, obedience diploma in Class I and Mentality test 540P./600p

 Also a hottie, of course!

HD Grade A  D ua (0) Not gun-shy!


Both dogs are carrying the old Swedish working lines that we want to preserve and have built our strong bitch lines on.