S-litter born 141030

Five red boys!
Mother: Cefeus Pim Pim II
Father: LPII RLDN RLDF Aussie Action's Oban

Oban is a very energetic dog, who loves to work! With his owner Angelika he competes in obedience, freestyle, heelwork and rally obedience and tracking. He is a wonderful familydog too.
Oban is a beutiful male, he was 4th best male at Swedish Kelpie Specialty 2012 out of 61 dogs.
Oban has ED ua (0) HD grade A
He is not gun-shy, approved mentalitytest.

Pim-Pim is a lovely girl, so kind with her puppies and with everyone around her.
Pim Pim is upgraded to lower class (class II) tracking.
She has HD Grade A and isn't gun-shy, approved mentalitytest.

Pim Pim has a wonderful litter (Y II-litter) with Obans brother C.I.E NORD V-11 DKV-12 LPI LPII RLDN RLDF Aussie Action's Opal, winner of Kelpie Specialty 2012.
Opals son Cefeus Yakir will also soon be a father of Cefeus next litter.