Working Mates Another Dewil 11-07-12

 C.I.B Multi CH NORD V-12 SEUCH DUCH TJH (patroldog) RLD N RLDF Working Mates
Another Dewil



50 cm in height
Hips: A/B, excellent/normal
EL: 0/0
PRA: DNA B, carrier not affected
Eyes clear., june 2013
BAER: Normal
Bite: Scissor
Dentition: Full
MH: Shots 2 (not gunshy)
H.I.T 4,66 p (Herding Instinct Test)


4 x CAC - Sweden
1 x CAC - Denmark
4 x CACIB - Sweden, Denmark,
 4 x BOB - Junior class
NORD V- 12
Passed the test for Patrol dog
Passed Tracking class 1
RLDN RLDF Rally Obedience
Swedish show champion
Danish show champion
Finish show champion
Nordic show champion
Multi show champion


Junior is a dog that loves to work. He has a great track ability. Very good herding ability.
He is open and positive towards people and other dogs. Competing in Rally Obedience and tracking. He is a  Patrol dog in the Swedish army.
He has two litters one in Sweden Working Mates D-litter and one in Norway.
He is a resource for Missing People, when someone is missing we are qualified to help in the search.

juniors puppies