Evallens Red & Tan Oustralia 05-06-08

Foto: Jenny Näslund Foto: Jenny Näslund

RLDN Evallens Red & Tan Oustralia
HD B ED 0/0 (ua)
MH shots 1 (not gunshy)



Lisa is very willing to please and goes perfectly to obedience, tracks and search. She has very good herding characteristics.
Lisa is like most other kelpie incredibly social and keeps asking until all said hello to her.
Upgraded to Class III Obedience.
Competes in Masterclass Rally Obedience
Upgraded to Higher Class Search
Mother of our L & P-litter.
 Lisa has given very willing to please puppies that fit well to obedience, herding, tracking, and also freestyle and agility! She has a daughter, Lexi who has been selected in the Norwegian national team's talented group of obedience. Lovikka working as sevicehund and competing freestyle and going to the sheepdog trial this summer. Tia competes in Class III of freestyle also Lilly.