cefeus rhea ii

Cefeus Rhea II
HD:A ED ua (0)
MH: 1 at shots (not gun-shy)


Sire: Red Yakkas Zingo
Dame: Cefeus Eos
Rhea is the mother of our T-Litter, read more about them here.

Rhea is born in 2010 and is a happy, loving girl! She is very kind with other dogs, children and has a lot of work ability. Rhea is an excellent tracking dog.
She competes in Higher Class Tracking, Class III Obedience, Rally Obedience Class II and Nosework.
Rhea has for now one CAC in show.
She is the mother of our T-litter and we are so pleased with her puppies. 7/8 of them has made hip X-ray and they all have A and ED (0) These seven also have made Mentalitytest with very good results, and they are not gun-shy. Several of them are competing in Tracking, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Nosework and they have great results in Shows.