Aussie Action's Olive 10-03-26

Aussie Action's Olive
HD B ED 0/0 (ua)
MH: shots 1 (not gunshy)


Livan, as she is called, has a wonderful personality and she always wants to work!
Livan has not yet participated in any competion except for show, where she's got good results!
She got excellent and CK on the Swedish Kelpie Specials and became the fourth best bitch even though she was shedding hair.
She has many successful siblings in K-, N-, and O-litters, including Kidoo, Kitty, Nikita, and Opal.
Patrol dog, Elite Obedience, Elite Track and winner of the Swedish Kelpiespecial are just a few examples of her siblings accomplishments. We have had three litters with the same combination and all puppies have been very promising.
Please visit and read about her siblings under Litters. Here you can see her puppies.
HD Grade B not gun-shy!