Aussie Action's Oban 10-03-26

LPII HTMI RLDN RLDF Aussie Action's Oban
HD A ED 0/0
MH shots 1 (not gunshy)


Oban is eager to please and love working with Angelika, his owner.
Upgraded to Class III Obedience
Competes in Rally Obedience Class III (Advanced)
Upgraded to Class II HTM
Oban loves herding, he has very good natural instincts.
Oban was shown at Swedish Kelpie Special Show in August 2012 and got excellent with CK 2nd place open class, 4th Best male. 2016 he won Open Class Exc CK and was 5th Best Male.

Oban is affectionate to other people and is nice with children and other dogs. He has a good on / off button. Even though he loves to work, he just as quickly calms down and rest until it's time for work.
Oban has one litter:
Aussie Action's Kennel S-litter
See adorable puppypictures here!
He has a mating comission with Zathungens Kennel 2016.

Oban lives in Sundsvall, Sweden with Angelika Genberg.
Email us at if you are interested in Oban and we will send your interest to his owner.