Aussie Action's Opal 10-03-26

Aussie Action's Opal
HD A ED 0/0
MH shots 1 (not gun-shy)
H.I.T 4 points
Heart clear (2017)
Spine clear
(2017, not registered)


Gizmo, as he is called, is an incredibly social kelpie. He is a really nice guy with a great mentality.
Gizmo and I (Jenny) are competing in tracking and obedience and he is qualified for class Elit obedience. He got obedience diploma in class I and II.
H.I.T (Herding Instinct Test) 4 points. He really loves herding and he is very easy to work with. It's something we do for fun, we are not competing in herding.
He is easily trained, resourceful and willing. Gizmo is trained in obedience, freestyle, herding, tracking, patrol and search.
2011 he got the title Nordic Winner in Stockholm and has many other fine performances from other shows. 2012 he won the Kelpie Specialty Show over 60 kelpies.
2012 Danish winner in show.
2015 second best male Swedish Specialty Show,
2015 Winner of the Norwegian Specialty Show,
2015 second best male European Winner.
2016 third best male Swedish Specialty Show, beaten by his sons from Didactic's Kennel.
He is a resource for Missing People, when someone is missing we are qualified to help in the search.

Gizmo has six litters:
Cefeus kennel YII litter (Swe)
Didactics kennel I-litter(Fin)
Qiwron's kennel D-litter (Swe)
Chocomate's Kennel (Hanne Jensen) (No) 
Aussie Action's Kennel U-litter (Swe)
Zathungens kennel (Swe) I-litter.
They got wonderful babies, it will be exciting to follow them!
He is not open for breeding anymore.