welcome to aussie action's kennel!

A-litter 211114

Aussie Action's Black Racy Raven and Auskelp Ned Kelly now have 6 wonderful puppies, 3 girls(2 blacks and 1 red) and 3 boys (all black)! The birth went very well and Racy and her babies are all healthy so far. We excpect this litter to have work-willingness, be curious and brave. We believe they will suitable for competition, but also social familymembers.

Aussie Action's Red Pretty Woman
Aussie Action's Black Wixie

Norwegian Talent Troup 2020

Huge congratulations to Hege Ertvåg who is a part of the Norwegian Talent Troup in Rally Obedience 2020! She is qualified with Aussie Action's Black Quick-Step, but also her other kelpie Cefeus Blazing Phoenix! Very impressing, good luck to all three of you!

Swedish Championships 2020

Maria Danielsson & Aussie Action's Red Turning Tina are also this year qualified to the Swedish Championship in Obedience! Big congrats to both of you! They also won a big (ranking) obedience competition in february!

Aussie Action's Black Rising Sun
Aussie Action's W-litter