Congratulations to our puppy buyers, puppies, and to you who have puppies from our dogs!


Congrats to Aussie Action´s , Aussie Action´s Nikita and Working Mates Another Dewil "Junior" how pasted the herding instinct test H.I.T on Sunday


Dewis daugther Working Mates Action My Attraction "Storma" has been X-rayed,
A/A Hips & 0/0 on elbows!!!!

Congratulations! to Lisabet and Aussie Action's Oliveander "Oyster" which today started in obedience class I for the first time, and get first prize and winner of the class.


HD och AD status på Ok corrals Bothstrop Kit A/A Dewis daugther in Norway is exraed H A/A EB 0


On 15 april did both Nessi and Lovikka debut in agility in jumping class at Kalmar Brukshundsklubb. Nessi came 3rd (of 56 dogs) and Lovikka 4th. Both got their first stick in jumping class 1.

On 22 april competed Nessi obedience class 3 at Åhus Brukshundsklubb. She won the class and got promoted to the elite class of 277 points.

On 28 april Lovikka competed in agility and jumping class at Lomma Brukshundsklubb. She took the stick in jumping class 1.


On August 11, competed Lovikka agility Älmhult Brukshundsklubb. She came 4th and took the stick in agility class 1.


Bollnäs BK 2012-08-05

Freestyle Class 1

1st place Lisabeth Lindbäck and Oyster, 26.15 points, first prize and goes up to class 2

8th place Angelika Genberg and Pixie, 23.15 points, first prize and goes up to

class 2


Freestyle Class 2

3rd place Lisabeth Lindbäck and Mirra, 22.70 points and a second prize


Freestyle Class 3

4th place Angelika Genberg and Tia, 22.80 points and a second prize


Heelwork to music class 1

1st place Lisabeth Lindbäck and Mirra, 25.15 points, first prize and goes up to

class 2


Lisabeth qualified Also Agria Freestyle Cup with Oyster!


Congratulations to Angelika Genberg and Aussie Actions Lilya (Tia) who have qualified for the championship in freestyle and have get a CAC.


 Congratulations to Lisabet Lindbäck and Oyster who have qualified to Agria Freestyle Cup!

Classwinner and qualified for class 2. Mirra got third place i freestyle class 2 and won HTM class 1 and are qualified for class 2!


Congratulations to Bushbugs Esmond Drury (Echo) and Svend to the title Korad (mental test with 520 poäng/600)

Echo is Dewis son.


Aussie Action´s Opal CAC, CACIB, best male and BOS in Trondheim Norge.

Winner of the Swedish Kelpiespecialshow 2012


Aussie Action´s Red Kidoo 5:a place in DM for patrol dogs.

 Aussie Action´s Red Kidoo is now approved in the elite class tracking.