changed litterplans!

Sometimes plans are not easy to follow, we are not able to use Mille for our next litter.
Luckily, we have got permission to borrow Cefeus Rhea II for another litter!
We are so excited about our litterplans, the mating should be around januari - 2017!
Read more about the mating here.
Sire will be TJH (RH) Aussie Action's Red Quality Ace just as planned.
Two wonderful dogs with great workmentality. 
We hope they will give us our W-litter <3

Congratulations To you all!

TJH (RH) Aussie Action's Red Quality Ace
Uno passed the really demanding test to be a Rescue Dog!
Uno and Linda has been training for this in 18 months, it takes a lot of hard work but they have had so much fun during this time!
Uno is Lindas first Rescue Dog so they made this journey for the first time together. 
We are so impressed of your dedication Linda and you and Uno has made a special band to each other.
We believed in you all the way!

Aussie Action's Red Touch Of Gold

Our handsome golden boy was BOB in Växjö International Show!
Togg got CK and CACIB, only 15 month old!

Aussie Action's Olivander and Lisabet are collecting great results in Rally Obedience so they can qualify to SM!
At the same day they got 96, 97 and 100 p! 

RLDN RLDF Aussie Action's Black Right Beauty
has got another Rally Obedience-title; RLDF!


RLDN Aussie Action's Red True Trinity
and Lena are now upgraded to Class II in Obedience!

Aussie Action's Red Rough & Tough
has passed Missing Peoples test so he can be used in searches for people who's gone lost!
 He has been tested in working abilities in tracking, search and obedience together with Elin.