So proud of you all!

So many great results this autumn, great job all of you!
We want to thank our wonderful puppybyers that travel so far to do MH (mentalitytest) here with us! The nearest lives 3,5 hours away from us except for Trinny that lives near by. We had dogs from north and the south, we REALLY appreciate it!
Wonderful dogs and owners who all made well, thank you for coming!
Aussie Action's Red Sworn To Win
Aussie Action's Red Tricky Treat
Aussie Action's Red True Trinity
Aussie Action's Red Turning Tina
Aussie Action's Red Touch Of Gold
Aussie Action's Red Twisty Tempest

Aussie Action's Black
Racy Raven
Racy and Kicki has passed a test that allows them to join Missing People, to help searching for people that is lost. They are tested in working abilities in tracking, search and obedience.

Aussie Action's Red
Turning Tina
Tigra and Maria has made one start in Class 1 Bbedience and one in Class 2. With really great scores they are now upgraded to Class 3!

Aussie Action's Black
Right Beauty
Rizzla and Andreas has done it again, clear run agility class 1 and winners!

Aussie Action's Red
Rocky Road
Rocky competes Agility in Finland with Jaana and they makes a great team!
Two clean runs, two first place and one 5p with third place.

LPI LPII Aussie Action's Black Rising Sun
Emelie and Mango has got the title LPII and they are also upgraded to Lower Class Tracking. Well done!

Aussie Action's Red

True Trinity
Lena and Trinny are now upgraded to
Lower Class Tracking!

In loving Memory R.i.p

Aussie Action's Oban

Oban couldn't recover after breaking his leg so he is now a beautiful angel. We miss you Oban.

Aussie Action's Red Qute Mc Queenie

Quini didn't survive after getting probably a virus or an autoimmune disease. Lost without you Q .