Congratulations to all of you!

Photo: Emelie Lindström Photo: Emelie Lindström

Emelie and Mango
(Aussie Action's Black Rising Sun) has been competing in Obedience and now they have the title LPI!

Anna-Karin and Romeo (Aussie Action's Black Qrazy Speed) has also been competing in Obedience. They won their class II and they got LPII!

Anna-Lena and Oya (Aussie Action's Oya) has made great results in obedience too, they are now upgraded to and competing in Elite Class Obedience!

Photo: Joakim Persson Photo: Joakim Persson

Andreas and Rizzla (Aussie Action's Black Right Beauty) won two classes in Agility 1 and they are now upgraded to Class 2!

Photo: Lisabet Lindbäck Photo: Lisabet Lindbäck

Lisabet and Oyster (Aussie Action's Olivander) has been competing in Rally Obedience Masterclass and they are now RallyMasters! (Rallymästare)
Their goal is SM 2017, we believe in you!

Photo: Erika Johansson Photo: Erika Johansson

Eva and Togg (Aussie Action's Red Touch Of Gold) has been on Show in Ronneby, Sweden.
Still in Juniorclass and they won! BIR, EXC, CK

Photo: Eva Malmport Photo: Eva Malmport

Hanna and Nessi (Aussie Action's Red Ness) has also been competing in Rally Obedience Masterclass with great results! two more qualifying results and they will also be RallyMasters!