The Q-brothers are doing well!

Vegas (Aussie Action's Black
Quick -Step) lives in Norway and he and Hege Ertvåg passed the NKK test for working dogs consisting of obedience, retrieving and tracking.
Well done!

No puppies this time!

Unfortunately there wasn't any puppies in Oscas belly...
But we will try again at the next heat, we still have our hopes up for Gizmo and Osca!
We try again Autumn 2015 between Aussie Action's Opal and Cefeus Olympique Osca II.
You can read more about the lovebirds here!

Romeo (Aussie Action's Black Qrazy Speed) and Anna-Karin Edlund are now upgraded to lower class Tracking/Search!
Great job both of you! Today they competed in Tracking.



Uno (Aussie Action's Red Quality Ace) and Linda Johansson qualified to be under training to be a Rescue Dog! We hope you will have a lot of fun along the way!