No breeding after Nikki!

We have decided not to use Aussie Action's Black Nikita in breeding. Unfortunately, she is too tight in the vagina (vaginal adhesions?) (sammanväxt vagina på svenska)
You can request an exemption from SKK to do an insemination and then do a cesarean section (kejsarsnitt). But we choose not to expose her to that. She is an amazing dog and continues to compete and live with Linnea and her family.
We are so lucky to have so great puppy-buyers. Instead of Nikki we will use Aussie Action's Oya. Big THANK YOU to Anna-Lena who let's us use Oya in breeding.

She has the same parents as Nikki so it will be the same combination. Oya is also a wonderful dog with a great mentality and exterior. We have high hopes for this combination!

Read more about Oya and Kim HERE.

All of you who wanted puppies after Nikki, let us know if you are still interested in a litter after Oya. I try to write to you all when I have time.
Best Regards / / Kicki


To Anna-Lena and Aussie Action's Oya who got 174 points in Obedience Class II and are now upgraded to Class III. It was their first start in Class II. Well done!

New breeding plans!


Q's 6 weeks


The Q's has for the first time been outside their own garden. We put them all in the car and took a 2,5 kilometers long trip to Matfors. It was exciting to visit a new place and they had a great time. No problems with the car either.

Afterwards they slept like babies.


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