We love good news!

We can start with some results in Rally Obedience!
Hanna and her two wonderful dogs Aussie Action's Red Larkee and Aussie Action's Red Ness has made three approved rounds in Class II so now they got the title RLDF added to their other titles! Lovikka (Larkee) also passed her annual test for service dogs. Congratulations!
Aussie Action´s Red Ness started obedience class elit and get 1:e prize

Björn and Aussie Action's Moritz made their first start in class II and got 86 points.
Tina and Aussie Action's Black Kangaroo got 99 points in the same class.
Jenny and Aussie Action's Opal got 100 points in Class II. Now the title RLDF is added to Gizmos other titles.
Angelika and Aussie Action's Oban got 85 points, class II.
Jenny and Junior has competed two times in class II and got 82 and 93 points.

Mari and Aussie Action's Ja'smine got 166,5 points in class I and Björn and Evallens Red & Tan Oustralia got 182,5 points in class II.
Congratulations to you!

Qriss-Qross Qriss-Qross

See new pictures at the Q-litter, they are now nine months old. So far has Quality Ace, Qute McQueenie, Quick-Step, Qrazy Speed, Qriss-Qross and Queen Precious been at Show and they all has got Excellent. Congratulations!

Photo: Renata Johansson Photo: Renata Johansson

Junior and Manias babies are here! Seven lovely puppies, the birth went well and everyone feels fine!
More info and pictures at www.workingmates.se

Oya Oya

We have some sad news too!! Aussie Action´s Oya was empty so no puppies this year. We hope for a litter in the spring.

Anki and SE uch TJH (FM II) Aussie Action's Red Kidoo passed their annual test for the police, a hard and demanding test. Well done!

Anna-Karin and Julia (Aussie Action's Red Pretty Woman) won lower class (second class) in Patrol and got upgraded to higher class! Congratulations to both of you!