Winners of Agria Freestyle Cup at My Dog!


Lisabet and Aussie Action's Olivander (Oyster) went to Gothenburg to compete at My dog.

They qualified in 2012 to participate in Agria Freestyle Cup. Together they WON their class 1!

We are so proud over them and also happy that they took their chance to compete, it's a long way to travel.


Congratulations to Lisabet and Oyster and thank you for representing Aussie Action's and northern Sweden!

A BIG Thank You to all of you for taking care of our "puppies"!


We at Aussie Action's are very keen that our puppies are in the right homes. The most important thing is that they have it as good as possible. We are very pleased with the homes we have chosen for our dogs and we thank you a thousand times!

Thank you also for your dedication to your dogs and that you feel you can contact us ANYTIME if you want to talk or ask us about something. You are a part of our kennel and means a lot to us!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family and your beloved dog/s.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Best wishes from Kicki, Björn and Jenny


Gizmo and Jenny got their last 1st prize in class II obedience, now they have an obedience diploma! Earlier this year they earned a diploma in class I also.

Points: Matfors BHK  185 p

            Bollnäs BHK  173,5 p

            Brunflo BHK   161,5 p

Full name of Gizmo: C.I.B (pending) NORDV-11 DKV-12 LPI LPII Aussie Action's Opal