So much BIG News! Congratulations to you all!

Oya Oya

There has been a mating between Aussie Action's Oya and Cefeus Kim. It looks like they are going to have puppies, but it's a bit soon to tell.
We think this is a really promising litter between these two incredible dogs!
Read more about them here. 

Kidoo Kidoo

  Congratulations to SE uch Tjh (FM II) Aussie Action´s Red Kiddoo and Anki for their CAC in Patrol! They got 600,25,  and won ,well done! The day before they were out looking for a missing person in Kramfors. A full weekend!

Kängan Kängan

Tina and RLDN Aussie Action's Black Kangaroo got 100 points in Rally Obedience and are now upgraded to Class II. Congratulations!!

Junior & Mania Junior & Mania

NORD V- 12 SE V- 12 Kazari Toyo-Ken Girra Wee "Mainia" och NORD V-12 SE uch D uch Tjh (Ptrh) Working Mates Another Dewil have been mating this weekend, now let's hope for puppies! more info at

Junior passed the patroltest, and become Patroldog for the Swedish army, so proud of him! And the week after he got his last CAC and that made him Swedish and Danish champion!

Oban Oban

LPII RLDN Aussie Action's Oban and Angelika took the last first prize in obedience class 2 (178 points)
Big Congrats to you both!

Vegas Vegas

Aussie Action's Black Qvick Step did well at show last weekend!
They got BOB and BIG 1 with good critics!
Very well done, we are so happy for your success!

Lovikka Lovikka

Hanna and LP I, RLDN Service dog Aussie Action's Red Larkee made it well too and got first prize in Obedience Class II and they also has upgrading points in Rally Obedience Class II. Well done Hanna for nice results with both your dogs!

Nessi Nessi

Hanna and LP I, RLDN Aussie Action´s Red Nessie got first prize in obedience Elite class! They are also successfull in Rally Obedience and got upgradingpoints in Class II. Well done!!!