Winner of the Swedish Kelpie Special 2012!

Stolta uppfödare Christina och Björn Näslund

Congrats from very proud breeders!


Congratulations to North V-11 LPI Aussie Action's Opal, Aussie Action's Oban, Aussie Actions Olive, Aussie Action's Red Pretty Woman and their owners for very nice results on Kelpiespecialen!


Opal: Winner! CK Excellent

Oban: 2nd best male Open class, 4th best in the male class CK Excellent 22 males

Olive: 2nd best female Open Class CK Excellent

Pretty Woman: 1st best female open class 2nd best bitch of all bitches 37 st! CK Excellent

We also won best breeders!

In all, 61 dogs, unbelievably great results of our two-year-old dogs!


Congratulations to Angelika and Lisabet!


We think it is absolutely amazing that these girls do so well in freestyle competition! With far to go to competitions it is not easy to keep yourself inspired. But Angelika and Lisabet are fighting on with their dogs and it gives results! Thanks Jessika for incredibly pictures.

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