Nordic Winner 2012!

Danish Winner and Nordic Winner!


Nord V-11 LPI Aussie Action's Opal (Gizmo)  won Danish Winner 2012!

He took home CAC, CACIB and BOS. With this CACIB he also became C.I.B. (International Champion)

Day two at the Danish show he was 3:rd best male with Excellent and ck.


Working Mates Another Dewil (Junior)  won Nordic Winner 2012!

He also got CAC, CACIB and BOB.

At the age of 15 months!

Because many dogs collided in time he couldn't be showed for Danish Winner. He received a description anyway and got Excellent.

BIG THANKS to Renata and Maria for all your help with showing and caring for our lovely dogs!

Danish Winner 2012!

Brothers on top! Brothers on top!

Double up with wonderful results!


Club Championship on Matfors Brukshundsklubb in LK2 is settled and the winner was Aussie Action's Opal and Jenny with 185 points! Close behind was litter brother Aussie Action's Oban and Angelika with 184.5 points, it can't be more even than that!

Both Gizmo and Oban have started 2012 with LK1 and are now both advanced to LK3. We say Congratulations!