Approved Tracking Dog again!


Aussie Action's Kidoo and Anki is already approved by the police to searching for missing persons.

Each year, they must pass a test to be approved for another year and they did it brilliantly!


Anki and Kidoo has many has many things going on, and they are among the most qualified par we have in our kennel. They compete in Elite Track, Elite obedience, elite patrol, Higher search and Kidoo is also champion. Kidoo certified Armed Forces Dog II and called out of the Home Guard and serving.



Junior got CAC, CACIB and BOB!


A the Show in the Nordic Hall Sundsvall this weekend Junior got his fifth Junior CAC and  his first CACIB, 15 months old.

Junior received a lot of praise from the judge for his beautiful head, good to hear.

Let's hope the judges in Denmark do the same!


Success Again!

Congratulations to Aussie Action's Red Kitty and Annette Lunau for the second year in a row successfully becoming Danish Master in elite class track. Incredible work!

Accepted at the entrance examination!


Aussie Action's Opal och Working Mates Another Dewil (Gizmo och Junior) was approved on the admissions test to go training for Patrol Dog!


After the training they must go through a certification to be approved Patrol Dogs.



LPI Evallens Red&Tan Oustralia "Lisa" LPI Evallens Red&Tan Oustralia "Lisa"

Moved up to a higher class search!


Jenny and Lisa made their first competition together in the lower class search and got promotion! With 9 of 10 points on the search and a very good obedience made their success.


A total of 497.5 points, CONGRATULATIONS!




To Aussie Action's Oban and Angelika who got 1st prize in obedience class I with 192.5/200 points and won the class. What lovely points!

Aissie Action's Power "Powi" Aissie Action's Power "Powi"

Won the class and moved up to the next class!


Anki and Powi moved up to next class in tracking on the first try! With very nice results they also got first place in the class. 245.5 points including 85 points in the specialty. CONGRATULATIONS!