Wonderful Sunny Puppy-day!

All the puppies has left the nest, except Queen Precious who will soon move to Norway. Qrazy Speed and Qute McQueenie sometimes keep her company! Good Luck to all of you!

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Successfull mating!

Between C.I.B NORD V-11 DKV-12 LPI LPII Aussie Action's Opal (Gizmo) and Cefeus Pim-Pim II.

Now let's hope for puppies!

We wish Pia and Cefeus Kennel good luck and we hope for strong and healthy puppies.

Pim-Pim and Gizmo really like each other, they are a wonderful couple. I (Jenny) will miss Pim-Pim, she has a lovely personality! My daughter and Pim-Pim are very good friends, she has waken Emilia up every morning and then Pim-Pim want's to cuddle. Beautiful girl. We will miss you!


Q-litter 7 weeks!

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Seven weeks already...

They look similar in appearence, witch is good, it's an even litter. But they have all their own personality and it's fantastic to see them play and explore the surroundings. They are all very curious about new things. They are all so wonderful and with a lot of temper. We are so excited to see what it will become of these puppies!