aussie action's red turning tina

SPH 1 LD 2 Aussie Action's Red Turning Tina
HD: A ED ua (0)
MH: 1 at shots (not gun-shy)


Sire: KORAD LPI NO UCH SE VCH Whyalla's Hugo
Dame: Cefeus Rhea II
Owner: Maria Danielsson

Tigra is a really fantastic girl! Maria and Tigra has an amazing connection and they have done so many great things together.
They are competing in Obedience Level 4 and they have two CAC, one more tog go before Tigra is an Obedience-champion. They are also upgraded to Level 3 in Tracking. 
Maria and Tigra was picked out to be part of Swedens Talent Group in Obedience. It's a great opportunity for them, they will be coached by Sweden's finest trainers in Obedience. 
Tigra has many great qualities, she loves to work and everything she does includes speed. She made a great Mentalitytest and she is not gun-shy.She also has great natural instincts in herding. She got 3,7/5 points in H.I.T and her comment was that the points didn't show her true potential. Her grade would be higher but she didn't want to leave her owner therefor the grade had to be set lower than what she was worth. Her other comment was that she is very promising and we truly agree.
She is also very kind to people and other dogs, she just loves everyone!

8/8 of her siblings has made Hip X-ray and they all have A and seven of them have also done MH with very good results and they are not gun-shy. Three in this litter are upgraded to/competing in Level 3 Tracks/Search in the age of two.
We think Tigra is a promising little girl and we will use her in breeding in the future.